Additional Parts List

Part Description Quantity Link
Relay/Power controller Used to switch on and off the electricity to large power consuming devices light the light bulb 1 controller IoT Power Relay
Socket Adapter Used to connect the Light Bulb to the power controller via a regular power cable 1 adapter Leviton Polarized Outlet-to-Lampholder Adapter
LIFX Bulb Used along with the power controller and LIFX API to control the bulb based off different conditions controlled by the ESP 1 bulb LIFX A19 LED Light
⅛” Clear Acrylic Used to create the laser cut box for our miniature map model 3 sheets (24x12 inches) Cast Acrylic Clear Sheet
LEDs Used for the model street design as a way to simulate the street lights 29 white, 1 red, 1 blue 5mm LEDs