StreetSmarts is a series of smart street lights that can be used to map optimal routes emergency responders should through take though a city. Let's say there's a guy named Joe who witnesses a nearby car crash where both cars involved catch on fire. Joe forgot his phone at work, so he runs toward the nearest smart street lamp and yells "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE". When the lamp unit detects motion, it begins recording and uses his voice commands to contact the nearest fire department. At the Cambridge Fire Station, a woman named Stephanie accepts the request for help and sends a team of firefighters to help. After running an algorithm to determine the quickest route to the car crash, the street lamps along that route light up. This helps the firefighters know where to go, and also alerts drivers that an emergency vehicle will be coming soon so that they can clear the way for the emergency vehicle. In record time, the firefighters reach the crash site, extinguish the fire, and save the lives of the people in the cars.

The Miniature Map
The Lamp Model
Lamp State Machine Diagram
Lamp System Block Diagram